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Jameis Winston Case

The student hearing involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is for approximately two years after a female student accused him of sexual assault in December of 2012. The Florida state attorney general declined to file charges because of lack of evidence last December. Winston could face a wide range of punishments, one of which could potentially be removal from the Florida State football program.

College Crime Rate Stats

The main crimes on college campuses are assault, rape, robbery, and murder. According to the crime rate by type between the years 2005-2007 was: 39% Assault, 25% Rape, 36% Robbery, and less than one percent murder. College crime seems to be becoming more and more of an issue as the years pass and hopefully by making people more aware we can help stop it.

Why I chose this topic

I chose this topic because it is very important to me. I think that keeping people updated on the crime that goes on at college campuses nationwide can help students to be more aware of the potential dangers in the college environment. Being in college and having friends that attend various colleges across the country, I like being updated on what is going on where they are to check on their safety.